Production | ARLAM | Manufatti in Acciaio
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We offer the customer a comprehensive service

Laser cutting

Laser cutting Bystronic Bystar Fiber 10000 watt
Laser cutting Bystronic BySprint Fiber 4000 watt

Max. dimensions: 3000×1500 mm
Max cutina thickness:
25 mm for steel sheets
15 mm for stainless sheets
10 mm aluminium sheets


Finn-Power LB6, the combined punching-laser cutting machine,
also performs deep-drawing, ribbing and threading processes
Maximum dimensions 3000×1500 mm
Maximum machined thickness 6 mm

The potential of the cutting machines is enhanced
by their connection to the two automated warehouses which
manage raw materials and semi-finished products allowing
the cutting island to work non-stop


Eight press brakes with control over the bend angle to produce
maximum precision products

Maximum length of bent piece 3000 mm


N°13 welding stations

N°2 robotized welding station
with double rotary table length 2000 mm

Seal tests are performed on request

Surface treatments

Painting, Galvanizing, Chrome-plating, Burnishing,
Phosphate coating, Polishing, Anodising

They are all performed by a network of valid suppliers who are
qualified and constantly performance – monitored at work


A specialist department provides a comprehensive service which
assembles sound-absorbing foam, decals, locks,
hinges, wiring for electrical panels, etc