A full service to cater to all customers’ needs

Laser cutting

Laser cutting Prima Industrie Platinum 4000 watt
Laser cutting Mitsubishi ML 3015

Max. dimensions: 3000×1500 mm
Max. cutting thickness:
25 mm for steel sheets
15 mm for stainless steel sheets
10 mm for aluminium sheets


Finn-Power CG1530, the combined punching-laser cutting machine,
also performs deep-drawing, ribbing and threading processes
Maximum dimensions 3000×1500 mm
Maximum machined thickness 6 mm

The potential of the cutting machines is enhanced
by their connection to the two automated warehouses
which manage raw materials and semi-finished products
allowing the cutting island to work non-stop


Six press brakes with control over the bend angle to produce maximum precision products 

Maximum length of bent piece 3000 mm


N.13 welding stations
Mig (wire welding)
Tig (stainless steel)
Oil- and water-tight welding and relative tests, upon request

No. 3 robotized welding stations with double rotary table 1400 x 2500 mm in length

We manufacture welding jigs for product quality standardization.

Machining centers

Mechanical machining is carried out on two 4-axis CNC machining centres
(No.1 mm 1670 x 830 and No.1 mm 800 x 500)

Surface treatments

Painting, Galvanizing, Chrome-plating, Burnishing,
Phosphate coating, Polishing, Anodising 

They are all performed by a network of valid suppliers
who are qualified and constantly performance – monitored at work


A specialist department provides a comprehensive service
which assembles sound-absorbing foam, decals, locks,
hinges, wiring for electrical panels, etc.